How To Writing Academic Essay | 学术论文词汇总结



  • 然而 However; Nevertheless
  • 尽管 Despite;


  • 更进一步地 Moreover; Furthermore; In addition;
  • 尤其地 Particularly;
  • 同时 whilst;


  • 因此 Consequently; Therefore
  • 由于 Due to


  • 到目前为止 By now; To date; More recently; as-of-yet; So far;
  • 大体上来说 by and large;


  • 展示、呈现 be present; be depicted;be described; be displayed ; indicate that... ;
  • 利用 use; leverage;
  • 缺点、劣势 disadvantages; drawbacks;
  • 关注 drawn attention to; concerning; concern about; conducted on;
  • 根据、依据 according to; in light of;
  • 广泛使用 extensively used; widely used
  • 被简化为 be abbreviated to;
  • 上述的、上面提及的 abovementioned; aforementioned;
  • 期望的 desired; expected;
  • 描绘、关注…问题 focus on; examine; discuss; trace; take ... into account;
  • 忽视 overlook; ignore;
  • 意义、重要性 significance;
  • 有意义的,相关的 relevant; significant;
  • 强烈地 vigorously; strongly
  • 遭受 be subjected to; suffer from
  • 仅仅 merely; barely;
  • 详尽的 elaborate;

accommodate 适应

denote 表示

proof-of-concept 概念验证

has raged unabated for over a century 持续了一个多世纪

via 通过

adhere to 坚持、追随、秉承

in either/this scenario 在 其他/这种 情景

heuristically 启发式地、试探性地

an account of 一份…的说明

recent research 最近的研究

limitations 局限性

rely too heavily on…. 过于依赖

questionable 可疑的,有问题的

challenged Jones’ claim on the grounds 对Jone的主张提出质疑

pre-existing 先已存在的

systematic study 系统研究

interacts with 相互作用

point out 指出

assess 评估、评价


three-phase dc-brushless motor 三相直流无刷电机

resolver 旋转变压器

three-bladed nylon propeller 三叶的尼龙桨

pulsewidth-modulated (PWM) 脉宽调制

4096 counts per revolution 每转4096线

revolution 转速

advance speed 推进速度、前进速度

four quadrant nonlinear function 四象限非线性方程

wake fraction number 伴流系数(0.1~0.4)

affine thruster model 仿射的推进器模型

lump parameter of various constants 集中参数

cavitation 空化现象